Friday, March 25, 2011

Spoonflower really is fun!

A few months ago, I found  It has been a great outlet for my pent-up creative energy.  I have been making at least one new pattern a week which I have been entering into their weekly themed contest.  The picture attached to this post is my submission for this week's theme Maps.  My Spoonflower ID is Fabgirl42 for anyone who is interested. What fun Spoonflower is! I have not won a contest yet, but a few times I was in the top 10 designs.  At the same time, I am generating a library of work which is inspiring me to make things to sell in an Etsy shop that I opened.  Alot has happenned since my last post in December.  Things are looking up!  I am going to try to start posting a weekly blurb about what is going on in my design world.

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