Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mom! Mom! Mom!....

It occurred to me today that every time I get an important phone call, I also get a certain little three year old boy next to me. And inevitably, he breaks out into a constant stream of Mom...Mom....Mom...Mom....I am sure that you Moms out there know what I am talking about! It is incredibly predictable. Today was a busy day. I did lots of running around. We visited the Veterinarian, haircuts, local pharmacy, and breakfast at our usual favorite spot. By lunch time we were happily home and I was straightening out the kitchen counters. I called my boys to come to the kitchen a few times for little helpful tasks. No response from them! I asked them if they would like to eat lunch. No response from them. I asked if they would like to do a little finger painting project. No response from them. They were pretty much content with playing with their cars in in my oldest sons room. Then it happened. The phone rang, and it was a call that I had been waiting for from an important client. "Is it a good time to talk" she asked. "Sure" I replied, "the boys are playing upstairs". I was so sure I would have a few minutes to talk about the latest project I've been working on for her. Not 30 seconds later my three year old was at my side tugging on my pant leg saying Mom...Mom... As I continued to try to talk for a few minutes, I pulled a coloring book and the crayon roll (you can see our crayon roll here: ) out of our art cupbord. Nope that didn't work. I pulled a yogurt out of the refrigerator. Nope. Finally, I apologized for not being able to talk at the moment, and promised to call back as soon as I was able to.

This is the part of the whole dilemma that drives me crazy. As soon as I had hung up the phone, my little guy smiled at me, and said "I forgot" and went on his playful, peaceful way. No one ever said it was easy to be a mom!


  1. Next time they aren't arriving for the chores, you might try picking up the phone and talking to the dial tone and see if they magically appear.

    My mom always said were that when she was on the phone is apparently universal with kids and moms and telephones.

  2. should have typed "we" that "we were that way".